Value Your Trade

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Value Your Trade at Bob Moore Nissan

Are you ready to trade in your current ride for a new or newer vehicle? Maybe you’re just wondering what your vehicle is worth and considering updating your ride. If it’s time for a change, start with Value Your Trade to know how much you can get for your vehicle in cash at Bob Moore Nissan.

Value Your Current Ride

Get your current car, truck, or SUV valued, so you know what it’s worth. Visit our website to enter information, which will help you get a fair offer for your vehicle. Value Your Trade works differently than an estimate or trade-in value range. When you use a traditional estimate for the value of the vehicle, it looks at a range that may be what you get when you’re ready to trade it in. Value Your Trade is a real cash offer that you can use when you bring your vehicle to the dealership.
You can get this value whether you’re buying another vehicle at the dealership or going elsewhere. We pay cash for your model no matter what your next step is. To take advantage of this feature, start the process on our website. Fill out basic details about your current model. You’ll get an offer for your vehicle based on that information. You can bring the vehicle to the dealership where you will receive the cash from the offer as long as everything is verified. You don’t have to buy a new vehicle here, but you may decide to when you see all our fine models.
The offer stays the same no matter what your next step is. Use the cash as a down payment towards another vehicle or take it with you.

Update Your Ride

While you’re not committed to buying a vehicle at Bob Moore Nissan, you may want to look around and see what we offer. You’ll find some fabulous deals, which you can use your trade value for as a down payment.
Our team will be happy to show you what we have in stock and help you determine which model is best for your lifestyle. From the Nissan Altima to the Nissan Titan, we have a model for everyone.

Finance Your Ride

Once you find a vehicle you like, our in-house finance team will help you get approved for a loan. We offer a variety of loan terms to fit almost any budget. Use your trade-in as a down payment, so you have less to pay back.
You can even get started from home when you fill out the information for Value Your Trade. Just fill out the online application to get pre-qualified for financing. You can often get approved, trade in your vehicle, and drive away in a new model all in the same day.


Let Bob Moore Nissan help you get into a newer vehicle today while getting the most out of your current ride. Stop in and see what we have to offer or go online and get started with Value Your Trade.

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