Bob Moore Nissan Oil ChnageOil Changes at Bob Moore Nissan of Norman

Keep your Nissan vehicle in prime running condition with regular oil changes at Bob Moore Nissan of Norman. With $10 off a synthetic engine oil change, you can save money and care for your engine.

An oil change is one of the most basic and most important parts of vehicle care. Each manufacturer has designed their vehicles to have the oil changes at a certain mileage for optimal performance and longevity. It’s critical to follow those guidelines for the best performance and for long life for your vehicle.

The Critical Role of Oil in an Engine

Oil lubricates the engine and components to ensure everything operates smoothly. It reduces friction which can cause wear and tear on the engine. The oil also acts as a cleaner by removing dust and debris from the components to prevent rust and damage. As the oil circulates through the system, it works hard to cool the engine and keep everything in prime working order. Over time, it become less effective at the job and needs to be replaced.

The oil filter prevents debris from getting into sensitive parts of the engine. When it fills up with dust and other junk, it prevents the oil from running through as easily, which makes the engine work harder.

Regular oil changes help keep your engine in prime operating order. The service technicians at Bob Moore Nissan of Norman will replace the oil and filter and check your vehicle for any other issues. Just getting your oil changed when it should be done can help keep it running smoothly and allow it to last for longer with fewer repairs.

You can go online to schedule an appointment or give us a call. Stop in for same-day service when you need an oil change. Bob Moore Nissan of Norman is proud to serve Nissan owners in Norman, Moore, Oklahoma City and other communities with quality service.