Automotive A/C Service Near Norman, OK

Automotive A/C Service in Norman, OK

A/C Service at Bob Moore Nissan

Is your vehicle’s A/C not working as well as it used to? Maybe your A/C stopped working altogether. Whatever the case may be, A/C service can be the solution to these frustrating problems. No one wants to spend time in a vehicle that’s hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable, which is why it’s important to stay on top of your vehicle’s A/C service and maintenance. At Bob Moore Nissan, we provide affordable A/C service and repairs in Norman, OK, so you and your passengers can stay comfortable during your time on the road. Give us a call or use our online service scheduler to make your A/C service appointment at our service center located near Midwest City and Edmond.

Common Signs of Damage within the A/C System

If your vehicle’s A/C is still providing cool air, it can be difficult to notice that there’s damage within the system, especially if the signs of damage happen gradually over time. You can be better prepared to catch a problem early on by learning about the common signs of A/C damage. So, you’ll want to schedule A/C service if you notice the following signs:

  • Your A/C stops producing air: If your A/C doesn’t turn on or provide any air, you’ll know there’s a problem right away. If this happens to you, schedule an A/C inspection as soon as you can so a technician can find the source of the problem.
  • Your A/C only produces warm air: If you turn on your A/C and it doesn’t provide any cool air, it may be facing a refrigerant leak, blown fuse, or an issue with its compressor. You’ll need a technician to conduct an inspection to see why the system stopped providing cold air.
  • The air from your A/C smells strange/bad: An unpleasant smell emerging from the A/C vents could be caused by mold in the system. During an inspection, a technician will usually begin by checking the cabin air filter to rule out if an old filter is the cause of the smell.

If you notice these signs or any other unusual change in your vehicle, you’ll want to schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

What Can Happen During A/C Service?

As you can see, a variety of problems can cause your vehicle’s A/C system to stop performing at its best. When you take your vehicle in for an A/C inspection, you’ll want to let the technician know about the signs of A/C damage that you’ve noticed in your vehicle. This will help them decide where to begin their inspection. Once they locate the problem, they’ll let you know about the repair process so you can decide how to proceed.

Even if you haven’t noticed any signs of an A/C problem, scheduling A/C service as a part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance is a great way to prevent A/C damage and keep the system performing at its best for years to come.

You can save money on your vehicle’s care and maintenance by taking advantage of our amazing service specials at Bob Moore Nissan.