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Suspension Service at Bob Moore Nissan

Your suspension system is a low-maintenance part of your vehicle. Mile after mile, it keeps your vehicle stable and provides the traction you need to be safe. Over time, the components of this system can wear and out and need to be replaced. You can rely on the team at Bob Moore Nissan for the job.

When Does Your Suspension Need Service?

You want to get your suspension checked as soon as possible when you notice problems to avoid bigger repairs down the road. Some warning signs you should pay attention to include:

  • Your vehicle doesn’t stop as quickly as it used to when you press down on the brakes. After checking your brakes, the next step may be your suspension.
  • You hear an awful squeaking sound or clanging when the vehicle hits a pothole or a bump along the road.
  • You feel more bounce in your vehicle than normal, or it sways to the sides more than it should.

You may notice other issues as you drive. If your suspension isn’t working, your vehicle may take a nosedive when you attempt to stop. It may also drag as you speed up or start to move. You may feel it turn more deeply into the turns. You can also look at the shocks or struts on your vehicle and see if any oil or grease is present. This issue indicates that the shock absorbers are leaking fluid, which will keep them from working as they should.

Other related components include the steering system, wheels, and tires. Your service team will check out all the parts if you’re having problems to find out what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Be Careful of Driving with a Bad Suspension

When your suspension system isn’t working the way it should, it can cause a bumpy, unpleasant ride. A more serious issue is that it doesn’t have as much stability and traction on the road. You can’t stop as quickly, which can put you in the line of traffic.

Another danger with a bad suspension is that your vehicle could roll over in an accident or even when traveling in high winds. In other words, your suspension system can be dangerous if you continue to drive without getting it repaired. Until you can get your system repaired, you should be aware of the risks and drive carefully.

You can contact the team at Bob Moore Nissan for suspension service. Use our online scheduler to set up an appointment that fits into your day or give us a call for a time slot. You can sit in our waiting area or take the shuttle to work or home while we inspect and repair your vehicle.

Trust Bob Moore Nissan in Oklahoma City for your suspension service and repair. Let us help you stay safe for more miles in your vehicle.