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Battery Service at Bob Moore Nissan

Batteries are one of the most important parts to keep a healthy working engine. The battery serves important functions such as supplying energy to start the engine while also supplying energy for all electrical components and accessories when the engine is not running. Let the factory-trained professionals over at Bob Moore Nissan diagnose, service or if needed, replace the battery in your car or truck.

Should you have an issue with your battery, and it needs to be replaced, we proudly offer a wide variety of auto batteries for a great combination of longevity, performance, power, and price. Don’t wait till your battery dies, let our experts check your battery’s health.

The Right Battery for Your Vehicle

If you end up having to replace your vehicle’s battery, Bob Moore Nissan proudly offers a large variety of automotive batteries that offer great longevity, power, and price. We are sure to have a battery to fit your vehicle, offering the correct reserve capacity and necessary cold-cranking amps to get your engine started.

Don’t wait until your battery dies unexpectedly, have us check your battery’s health and get you and your vehicle safely on the road.

Common Battery Questions and FAQs

Having trouble starting your vehicle?

There are many different reasons that may attribute to a car not starting. But if it’s the battery, generally the starter will not crank the engine. That is where you get the famous “tick, tick, tick” you hear when you turn the key, but the motor still won’t start. Your battery’s voltage and charging information can also alert you if it is the alternator not charging the battery properly or if it is a loose battery or starter cable causing the issue.

What are the main causes of automotive battery failure?

All batteries wear out over time. But there are several issues that can cause your battery to die faster. Improperly connected accessories, infrequent startups, and extreme temperatures and climates can all lead to battery failure.

Can preventative maintenance improve battery life?

The best thing you can do is have a Bob Moore Nissan Certified Service technician perform a test on your battery when you bring your vehicle in for an oil change or maintenance. This will help you keep track of the status of your battery and help prevent bigger issues in the future.

How often should I change my battery?

Most vehicle batteries last 3-5 years on average depending on several factors. Climate, driving habits, and time left in a discharged state all factor into a battery’s lifespan. In general, warmer climates shorten the life of the battery, but extremely cold environments can also be damaging.

What if I’m not sure the problem is my battery?

Your Certified Service experts at Bob Moore Nissan can give you a no-charge battery test to determine if your battery needs replacing or if there is an issue with another charging component.

If you are looking for a new battery or battery service near Oklahoma City and Edmond, trust the service center at Bob Moore Nissan in Norman, OK.