The Nissan Ariya: Coming in 2021

September 21st, 2020 by

NIssan Ariya

Nissan has pulled out every stop for its 2021 release of the all-new Nissan Ariya. In a first for Nissan, this all electric, four-wheel drive crossover vehicle is the first of a brand-new line of electric cars with more capability than ever. We’ve seen 100% electric cars from Nissan with the Nissan Leaf first released over ten years ago, but with expanded technology and increased performance the brand aims to give their electric line a whole new face. Using their all-new EV technology “e-4ORCE,” Nissan has dedicated themselves to maintain their high-efficiency vehicles but pair it with the modern demand for outstanding performance.

What is Nissan e-4ORCE, and why does it seem to be the key for the future of Nissan’s electric vehicles? The shortcomings of many current EVs are tied up in their performance and lack of utility. Nissan’s engineers aim to change all of that with e-4ORCE technology, the “4” being signatory of an all new, all-wheel drive ability for EVs allowing for more control and capability than ever before. Dual motors are at the heart of the technology, allowing for an overall increase of power, as well as an ability to send more energy to both the front and back wheels. Using elements such as instantaneous torque and regenerative braking, vehicles equipped with e-4ORCE boast outstanding acceleration, maximum grip, and in overall increase in load weight.

The Nissan Ariya is the first of Nissan’s line to be equipped with e-4ORCE. In fact, Nissan is so excited about this vehicle that they have equipped it with all the bells and whistles you would expect to see in an all-electric car. A 2nd generation Pro-Pilot Assist allows for hands-off driving, as well as a guided lane change assist. An intuitive ProPilot parks the car for you, and can navigate safely in and out of those tight spots. All your settings, speed, and additional preferences come alive with an MID display screen behind the steering wheel, and guided navigation is projected right onto the windshield. Choose exciting features such as Amazon’s voice activated Alexa, and have an all-access pass to everything you could ever need without taking your eyes off of the road.

The design of the vehicle proves to be minimalism at its absolute best. Nissan takes an appropriate step back when it comes to accents and inlays on the interior, but rather focuses on sheer breathing room for you and your additional passengers. Even the center console can be pushed back several inches to gain space in the front row. Even the exterior of the vehicle positively screams ‘futuristic’ by a smoothed-out body with a single ridge connecting the front end to the rear. An expanded grille and narrowed headlights are only outdone by the famed Nissan emblem which is now illuminated as a finishing touch.

The future of Nissan lies within the Nissan Ariya. The brand provides an amazing gift to the automotive industry by pairing together the best in long range efficiency with the overall performance that consumers everywhere demand. Compact EV’s give way to an all-new generation of driving.