Auto Repair Frequently Asked Questions At Bob Moore Nissan

March 5th, 2019 by

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Learn about Auto Repair FAQ at Bob Moore Nissan near Oklahoma City, OK.

Auto Repair Frequently Asked Questions At Bob Moore Nissan

If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

When it comes to auto repair, drivers often have a slew of questions. What needs to be done? How much will it cost? Do I really need to worry about it? Then there are even more questions that follow those. These are all questions that the certified technicians at the Bob Moore Nissan Service Center near Oklahoma City can answer for you. Here, we will cover some of the most commonly asked questions about auto repair. Keep reading and your question might just be answered.

How Important Is An Oil Change?

When it comes to the importance of an oil change service, there are many reasons to stay on top of it. Oil change services are important for keeping your engine lubricated and cool while it’s running. If your engine doesn’t have oil in it, it will seize and become a giant paperweight. When you keep up with your oil changes, it can also improve your gas mileage and ensure a long life for your vehicle. Although the constant need for an oil change can be a hassle sometimes, it is one of the most important types of maintenance to keep your vehicle running the way it should.

You can easily schedule your service appointment online at our Nissan dealer near Oklahoma City.

Should I Buy Genuine Or Generic Auto Parts?

If you’re doing some DIY auto repair on your vehicle and need a specific part, you might be wondering if genuine or generic parts are better for your vehicle. While a generic part will be cheaper at first, the genuine auto part will save you in the long run. Generic parts are created by third-party manufacturers and will fit a bunch of different vehicles, while genuine auto parts are created by the specific manufacturer. By purchasing the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part, you are ensuring that the part will fit your vehicle perfectly. These parts are designed to only fit your vehicle and maintain the performance your vehicle is meant to have.

Let the experts at the Bob Moore Nissan Parts Center help you with your auto repair services. Come to our Oklahoma City car dealership to order your genuine Nissan parts today.

When Should I Rotate My Tires?

Tires are a vital part of your vehicle and without them, you wouldn’t be able to get too far. Generally, it is good to rotate your tires every 6,000 miles. The certified technicians at the Bob Moore Nissan service center can let you know if you should have yours rotated. It is also very important to have tires rotated when you replace any of them. This will help keep the natural wear and tear even on all tires. If you have uneven wear and tear, it can cause your vehicle to pull to one side, which is never good. When you come to us for any other auto repair services, we will gladly see if your tires need to be rotated. Schedule your next service appointment at Bob Moore Nissan near Oklahoma City today.

You Can Trust Our Nissan Service Center

Auto repair can be a nerve-racking part of owning and driving a vehicle, but the certified technicians at the Bob Moore Nissan service center are here to answer any of your questions. Finding a reputable Nissan near Oklahoma City is simple when you come to our dealership for all of your vehicle or auto repair needs. Also, feel free to visit our showroom or schedule your next test drive with us today at Bob Moore Nissan.