New Line of Nismo Parts Debut at Rebelle Rally

October 27th, 2020 by

2020 Rebel Rally

Nissan has already taken the year 2020 to the next level by outstanding feats of engineering, innovation, and so much more. We’ve already seen so much from the Nissan brand as their engineering team takes on the most challenging obstacles. More recently, the brand has developed of an all-new continuously variable combustion engine, an all-new entirely electric 4×4, and much more. The next great thing is here for Nissan, and that’s the debut of an all-new line of Nismo off-road parts. The brand is looking to outfit a 2020 Nissan Frontier with this new line of parts for the rigorous and challenging off-roading competition the Rebelle Rally.

The Rebelle Rally is an annually held event that boasts some of the most challenging terrain for off road enthusiasts at any level. The event also is notably all female, and in pairs teams navigate through the difficult course for roughly 8 days. The race is tied to performance, driver skill, and navigational prowess based on finding hidden checkpoints using maps, roadbooks, and a compass. Female drivers and their copilots travel to the United States from all over the world for a chance to compete. This year, the Nissan Frontier will be driven by Rebelle Rally team Wild Grace, who are looking forward to a win with the help of an all new system of suspension, wheels, bumper, lighting and more.

Looking closely at the line of Nismo parts, we see a ton of improvements that are sure to jettison Team Wild Grace to the front of the line. The Nismo Off-Road Suspension Kit that will debut at the Rebelle Rally has all-new features. The suspension kit is specifically tuned to be able to handle varying loads, and capable to adjust for heavier and larger tires, heavy-duty bumpers, and camping equipment. The suspension contains monotube, gas-pressurized shocks that are built to handle extremely rough terrain using digressive valving. The rear shocks also help the Frontier maintain the best performance in the most difficult road conditions using remote reservoir technology, and the system can provide an additional two inches of ground clearance.

Even the bumper is being redone to be more pertinent and durable in off-roading conditions. This high strength steel bumper is completely customized for the Frontier, including laser cut features with the highest quality of precision welding. Its lightweight at only 105 pounds, and features attachment points for recovery shackles, lights, and is winch-capable. The lighting also got an upgrade, and features an all new line of LED lights in collaboration with Rigid Industries. The lighting includes a selection of round or square pod lamps with an output of 8,600 Lumens.

Nissan once again looks forward to the many ways it can support its community, and have sponsored a team for the Rebelle Rally every year of the competition. Nissan is no stranger to off roading, with excellent choices in vehicles that include both current and previous model lineups such as the Titan, the X-Terra, the Pathfinder, and more. The spotlight certainly will be on the Frontier this year, and both the brand and the team are looking to pull off a win.