Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Discover Nissan Intelligent Mobility at Bob Moore Nissan

Welcome to a world where your Nissan vehicle can learn, predict, think, and communicate during your daily drive. This incorporated technology is developed to keep you safe, comfortable, and in control while connecting you to your vehicle. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is driving in the future. You can visit Bob Moore Nissan of Norman in Norman, OK, to experience all that Nissan Intelligent Mobility has to offer.


Intelligent Driving

Now available with driver assistance technologies is Intelligent Driving, and it’s here to help you not only sense and see more, but also take action to avoid accidents. With Intelligent Driving, your Nissan vehicle will be able to find parking and navigate through heavy traffic. With ProPILOT Assist, you’ll be able to follow traffic, brake, and make small steering suggestions, all with the touch of a button. Squeeze into that parking space stress-free with ProPILOT Park System, a system that will park into tight spots for you. Nissan builds its vehicles to see where you can’t and react in a blink of an eye. With Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, and Intelligent Distance Control, you’ll be ready for what the road has in store.

Intelligent Power

Nissan works to make their vehicles not only better for their drivers, but better for the world we live in. Introducing electric power with 100% instant torque and zero tailpipe emissions for cleaner and quieter power. The Nissan LEAF is changing the world of electric vehicles as we know it. This compact hatchback runs on absolutely no gas, driving for 150 miles on a single charge, and getting the energy it needs between its front wheels from the large lithium-ion battery. You can even drive the Nissan LEAF with just one pedal. The e-Pedal allows you to accelerate and decelerate with a single effortless movement. All you have to do is pull up on the acceleration for the automatic regenerative braking system and depress it again for acceleration.

Intelligent Integration

It would be amazing if a vehicle could learn and become smarter while providing information to the driver for feedback and powering the community. That’s where Nissan’s Intelligent Integration comes in. With the system Nissan is developing, Seamless Autonomous Mobility, vehicles will be partnered with artificial intelligence and the help of remote human support to create driverless vehicles. This SAM system will also allow vehicles to send information to each other, passing on intelligence to better help them run smoothly and safely on the road. Nissan is also working on the ever-expanding grid of charging stations for its electric Nissan drivers.


At Bob Moore Nissan of Norman, we look to the future around every corner. Test drive the Nissan LEAF near Oklahoma City and Tulsa to see the future for yourself.