Discover How To Use Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™ In Your New Nissan Murano

March 29th, 2019 by

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Learn how to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the 2019 Nissan Murano at Bob Moore Nissan.

Which Side Of The Line Are You On?

Apple® or Android™? That is the question. Usually people are divided, but with the new lineup of Nissan vehicles, you can choose either one. At our Nissan dealership, we want to ensure that you are informed about all the cool technology and entertainment options that can come with your new 2019 Nissan Murano. Some of those amazing features include Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. Both of these technology systems connect your smartphone to your vehicle and streamline your life. Here we will discuss both platforms, what they offer and how to use them in your new Nissan Murano. Keep on reading to learn more about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Option No. 1: Apple CarPlay

As one of the most successful tech companies in the world, Apple has teamed up with many different vehicle manufacturers, including Nissan to bring you Apple CarPlay. This system connects your iPhone® to Nissan’s built-in display to show your music, navigation, calls and more. Apple CarPlay can give you step by step directions as well as allow you to send and receive text messages, all while you stay focused on the road ahead of you. You can keep your hands on the steering wheel thanks to the Siri® Voice Control. This voice-command system allows you to tell Siri what you want with the simple click of a button on the steering wheel. If you happen to be stopped or the passenger of a Nissan Murano with Apple CarPlay, you can also control it all using the buttons and knobs on the center console.

As a trusted Nissan dealer near Oklahoma City, we want you to enjoy each moment inside your 2019 Nissan Murano. Test-drive one today at Bob Moore Nissan.

Option No.2: Android Auto

Android wants you to be safe and secure when you’re driving and still enjoy your entertainment. That is why they created Android Auto. While this is similar to Apple CarPlay, there are some small differences. Android Auto is all about staying focused on the road and minimizing the distractions of technology. Control everything with your Google Assistant™ by simply saying “Ok, Google.” You will also get real time traffic updates to ensure you are on the best route possible and to warn you of upcoming road hazards. You’ll have full access to your music, navigation, calls and text messages.

Come to our car dealership near Oklahoma City to test-drive a new Nissan Murano and try out the Android Auto system for yourself.

Discover Our Extensive Nissan Inventory

Here at Bob Moore Nissan, we are dedicated to giving Oklahoma City drivers a selection of new Nissan vehicles that they will be thrilled to drive. One example is the 2019 Nissan Murano, the premium crossover that gives you the capabilities of an SUV and the comfort of a sedan. One of the best things about the new Nissan Murano? You gain access to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to stay connected to your life and entertainment.

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Nissan Will Keep You Connected

There is a reason our Nissan dealership is trusted by drivers from all over the Oklahoma City area. Our inventory of new, used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles is unmatched. When you purchase a new Nissan from us, you will be able to stay connected with your smartphone through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both of these amazing systems allow you to stay focused on the road without losing access to your music, navigation and phone calls. Come to Bob Moore Nissan today for your next test drive around the Oklahoma City area.