2022 LEAF

2022 Nissan LEAF in Oklahoma City

2022 Nissan LEAF at Bob Moore Nissan

Nissan is committed to offering drivers from Tulsa to Oklahoma City even more value from the 2022 LEAF. When customers arrive at Bob Moore Nissan, they are shocked to learn that the base price of the Nissan LEAF is a few thousand dollars less than last year’s model. And when you take into account the Federal tax credit, the cost could be just slightly under the $20k point. And for that amazingly small investment, you are getting more range and economy than was offered by the more costly model of the past year.



Cost-Effective And Capability

As fuel prices continue to rise, more drivers are getting excited about the incredible 226-mile range offered by the 2022 LEAF PLUS. And while that is on the open road, you will still be thrilled to enjoy a range of 114 MPGe for your daily city driving. In addition, the 60/40 split rear seat makes it easy for you to accommodate up to five passengers and 23.6 cubic feet of cargo. Or you can convert to 30 cubic feet of cargo space and one additional passenger or many combinations in between. There is also an optional cargo cover to keep your belongings out of view in the rear hatch area.

Visually Pleasing

The 2022 LEAF is as visually appealing as ever with the floating roofline and sleek hood over the V-Motion grille. The LED headlights provide crisp light at night and a nice geometric touch to accent the V grille by day. As in the past, the line of the entire vehicle is aerodynamically designed to create less drag and deliver more range as you hit the road for errands or a day of fun and exploration. This year’s color schemes include everything from classic Super Black to blazing Scarlet Ember.

Top Of The Line Tech

Part of the rush of driving all-electric is that no power band varies the feel and acceleration of the vehicle. The LEAF’s drivetrain delivers 100% power from the moment you touch the accelerator. In addition, the e-Pedal feature makes driving even more intuitive. You have one pedal to manage your speed completely. Press the pedal to move the vehicle. Push the pedal more firmly to accelerate. And when you are ready to slow or stop, simply begin to lift your foot from the pedal. It is the most straightforward and most efficient process ever created to make driving a pure pleasure.

Lap Of Luxury

The LEAF designers focused on meeting the needs of every driver who slips into the driver’s seat. All of the controls and technology are centrally located at your fingertips. This ergonomic design makes your driving experience more pleasant and reduces the potential for driver distraction when looking away to make an adjustment. No matter where you go, it will be in comfort thanks to the automatic climate controls, heated front seats, and steering wheel.

Stop by Bob Moore Nissan to learn more about the features and endless benefits of owning the 2022 Nissan LEAF.